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Twitter: Where Next?

Some friends who are aware of Elon’s acquistion and destruction of Twitter have asked about the value of Twitter relative to other social media like Facebook or YouTube.

Is It Fair To Compare Biden's And Trump's Classified Documents Scandals?

FiveThirtyEight makes an interesting but not particularly surprising claim about media bias. How big is bias between news networks?

Unbundling Tools for Thought

Original: Unbundling Tools for Thought In practice 95% of the use cases can be naturally unbundled into disjoint apps, and the lack of centralization and cross-app hyperlinking has no real negative effects. Well said. However, I found the following sentiment interesting: Collection Management: this is an area where the software solutions are strangely very lacking. Fernado goes on to describe a bespoke systems he wishes existed or that he had time to build.

The Story of VaccinateCA

The Story of VaccinateCA Why did California go head over heels for equity? Aside from the political valence of it and the point at which American society was less than a year after George Floyd’s death, it is classic bikeshedding. Most people in civil society cannot develop, manufacture, distribute, or administer a vaccine. Decrying systemic racism, on the other hand, is quite accessible. We exhaustively train the entire professional-managerial class in doing it.


Fred Brooks, ACM Allen Newell Award acceptance speech: Any thing which has to call itself a science isn’t. By this criterion, physics, chemistry, geology, and astronomy may be sciences; political science, military science, social science, and computer science are not. We make things that do not themselves directly satisfy human needs, but which others use in making things that enrich human living. In a word, the computer scientist is a toolsmith—no more, but no less.

Github Actions

It’s a little excessive for this site, but researching various automation options led me to glue a Hugo CLI install and build template provided by GitHub to a Neocities Github Action. It took a couple of tries to get the pieces together and GitHub’s Node.js 12 warning isn’t the most reassuring thing, but deploy on commit works.

Just Don't

Tim Bray: The word “just” is a signal that you’re not taking their problem seriously. So, don’t do that. I’d like to say “Just don’t” but obviously shouldn’t.

COVID Air Travel

Zvi Mowshowitz: A good point that I’d forgotten, the most dangerous part of flying, in terms of infection, is when you are still on the ground because the filtration systems aren’t in full effect. So you might want to mask until you take off, remember that Covid-19 is not the only virus out there.


While testing a few things out in React Native I needed a faux API to call and some images to load.

Rugged Maniac

Rugged Maniac was good enough to forward a Men's Health article outlining a training approach. The article prompted this post; in my experience, people are unwilling to adapt a training regimen to fit a pre-existing (and busy!) schedule.

Step One

I'm not sure why it took me so long to get get something out there. I don't like most of the social media platforms, and I always got hung up on choosing a domain and getting a server set up. In the end, those were just excuses, and I'm going to start adding stuff to this site on a semi-regular basis.