Step One


I'm not sure why it took me so long to get get something out there. I don't like most of the social media platforms, and I always got hung up on choosing a domain and getting a server set up. In the end, those were just excuses, and I'm going to start adding stuff to this site on a semi-regular basis.

Jekyll was easy enough to get started with, but I’ll have to learn how to customize it. I'm ok with the phone layout, but I want my own color scheme and some other changes. My minimalist tendencies are a little miffed that its output is in single digit kilobytes instead of tens or hundreds bytes, but everything still loads quickly. I put a couple of stubs in place to migrate from the old pages to Jekyll's urls.

In terms of content, I'll add posts about fitness and professional work later, but for now I uploaded a few recipes. Learning how to cook more is a goal of mine this year and I want to build out a complete set of recipes that I can do meal prep with.

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