Oatmeal Pancakes

Oatmeal pancakes, easy to make and tastes really good IMO -50 g, Impact Whey Protein(natural Chocolate) -450 ml, Milk -84 gr, Oatmeal (i use quaker) -40 g, Pancake Mix (so it actually sticks together, without this it’d just fall -apart) -15 g, flax seed -110 g, Egg whites (can do less if you want for slightly less protein) Some oil/butter or whatever you prefer to cook it in. Optional; maple syrup or anything else on top. How to: blend everything in a blender besides the egg whites, add those seperately before and stir them up then add the blend to the egg whites and stir that together. Add oil/butter/whatever to pan and add the blend wait a couple minutes, flip, repeat.

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