Rugged Maniac Prep Month


Rugged Maniac was good enough to forward a Men’s Health article outlining a training approach. The article prompted this post; in my experience, people are unwilling to adapt a training regimen to fit a pre-existing (and busy!) schedule.

Preparing for an event with just a month isn’t ideal, but you have to work within the time you have. To that end, I’m going to do two workouts a day. I’m also making some compromises to fit within my existing schedule / activities:

Warmup (before each morning routine)

Repeat for 3 minutes

  • 5 pushups
  • 5 air squats
  • 5 situps

Morning Routine A (Crossfit)

Do each workout for 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds, repeat 6 times.

  • Bear Crawl
  • Gorilla Hang Pullup
  • Plank to Elbow Touch
  • Dumbbell Thruster
  • Spiderman Pushup
  • Dumbbell Row

Morning Routine B (Yoga)

Hold positions for the time listed below. Do 5 reps of each position. Breathe in for 5 seconds and out for 5 seconds. Continue breathing during transitions.

  • Hands to Heart (6 breaths)
  • Mountain (10 second hold, 5 neutral, 5 each arm)
  • Tree (1 min hold each leg)
  • Downdog / Upward Facing Dog (10 sec hold),
  • Cat / Cow pairs (5 seconds each)
  • Broken Table (1 min each side)
  • Sun Salutation A (5 seconds each position: Mountain, Extended Mountain, Fold Forward, Halfway Lift, Chaturanga, Upward Facing Dog, Downward Facing Dog, Step Forward, Fold Forward, Halfway Lift, repeat)
  • Warrior 2, Triangle, Warrior 2, Reverse, Warrior 1, Fold Forward, Warrior 1, repeat (5 seconds each position) - do left foot forward for 5 sets then do right foot forward for 5 sets
  • High Boat / Low Boat (15 seconds each position)
  • Wheel (15 second hold)
  • Supta Baddha Konasana (1 rep, 30 sec)
  • Corpse Pose (1 rep, 2 mins)

Afternoon Routine (Cardio)

Running is familiar to me, but I want to cross-train for a future triathlon.

  • Swimming, 2x week
  • Biking, 2x week
  • Running, 3x week


This is the resulting schedule:


Routine A is still a challenge for me, I’m starting out with 5-pound dumbbells and doing 2, 3, 4 and 5 sets the first four days. I strongly recommend making similar adjustments as you ramp up. Because the first few days leave extra time, I’m filling it with house work to maintain the schedule and keep moving.

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