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Google News Removes Purchased Magazines - December 18th
Thu Nov 16, 2023 | 147 Words #google

From my e-mail:

Google News


Since 2020, new purchases of magazines have not been available in Google News and very few users now regularly access their magazine subscriptions. We wanted to inform you that support for magazine content in Google News is being discontinued beginning on December 18, 2023, which means access from Google News apps or to the library of magazines you previously purchased or subscribed to will be removed.

To continue to access previously purchased magazine content, you must export and save each purchased issue before December 18, 2023.

[Export your magazines]

Thank you,

The Google News Team

Friendly reminder: All Google services are temporary. An actual sensible shutdown would involve creating a folder in each user's Google Drive with the exports Google is making people do by hand. Google's approach would be poor behavior if Google was dying which they are not.